Are you a dynamic individual who is passionate about environmental sustainability? Are you an entrepreneur who recognizes opportunities in agriculture that would be simultaneously profitable and environmentally sustainable? Do you want to be challenged and feel you are ready for real responsibilities? Do you want to make a real difference? Work with Soil Diagnostics Inc.

Soil Diagnostics Inc. is interested in growing our team of committed scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to provide novel and low-cost soil analysis capabilities to farmers. We are looking to build the following capabilities in our group. If you can see yourself fitting in one (or more!) of the roles below, we'd like to hear from you. Send us an email

Sales and publicity manager

Your primary task will be to build relationships with growers, agronomists and conservation services. A bachelors degree in agricultural sciences, agricultural communication, agricultural engineering, technical systems management or equivalent is required. You must demonstrate that you can answer the above questions in the affirmative. Individuals familiar with agricultural practices in the Midwest are highly desirable.

Systems developer

Your primary task will be to design, implement and support web-based infrastructure for Soil Diagnostics Inc., inclduing server-side development. Knowledge of MVC design patterns is necessary. Preferred frameworks include django/Python or Express/Node.js. You should be comfortable with SQL and NoSQL database technologies. Familiarity with secure cloud-based deployment highly desirable. Knowledge of e-commerce systems is a huge plus.

Automation engineer

Your primary task will be to design, implement and support hardware and robotic components of our products. Experience developing embedded systems (8-bit AVR / ARM) is critical. Additionally, familiarity with Bluetooth / BLE platforms will be useful. Knowledge of computer vision technologies is highly desirable.

Mobile tech engineer

Your primary task will be to develop mobile applications for Soil Diagnostics Inc. products. Familiarity with iOS development in Objective-C / Swift preferred. Android developers also welcome.  

Data analyst

Your primary task will be to support the development of data-driven decision-making technologies. Demonstrate your ability to handle large amounts of data programmatically in various formats, and the development of predictive and inferential models. Knowledge of R is critical. Familiarity with machine learning is a huge plus.