Soil Diagnostics Inc. wins NSF SBIR

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Soil Diagnostics Inc. has won a National Science Foundation award in the Small Business Innovation Research program. The award will support ongoing product development to bring a novel, low cost soil fertility sensor to market. The project entitled, "Development of a scalable soil nitrogen measurement system for efficient nitrogen fertilizer management" is an important step towards reducing nitrogen fertlizer application.

The FertiSaver process currently under aggressive development at Soil Diagnostics Inc. will enhance the economic feasibility of site-specific, variable-rate nitrogen fertilizer management and will directly increase profitability for corn growers in the U.S. Midwest. The simplified soil testing system will enable your crop adviser to recommend appropriately reduced nitrogen fertilizer application rates without impacting yields. In addition to lowered input costs, the resulting reduction in fertilizer application will reduce non-point source nitrate pollution of natural water resources.The proposed technology development is a rational basis for resolving existing and potential legal conflicts arising out of non point source nitrate pollution.

At Soil Diagnostics Inc., we believe the environmental sustainability and agricultural productivity go hand in hand. Our FertiSaver technology is an actionable soil test that has the potential to reduce your fertilizer application by 35% (~$30/acre savings) on average without impacting corn yields in the Midwest. Together nationally we could potentially save $1.9 billion in fertilizer costs, while addressing a "Grand Challenge" articulated by the National Academy of Engineering, which is to effectively manage the nitrogen cycle

The FertiSaver test is coming soon. To learn more about availability in your area please contact us.