Soil is more actionable than weather. Regular monitoring of soil nutrients and pathogens provides actionable information for managing corn and soybean profitability and maintaining land value.  

Soil Diagnostics Inc. has two hardware products currently in development with unique value propositions for corn and soybean growers, along with a simple software platform to enable simple sample processing and recordkeeping operations. 

FertiSaver-N (2016)

FertiSaver-N measures the inherent, nitrogen-supplying power of a soil. Fertile soils are more efficient at supporting plant growth and require less fertilizer. FertiSaver-N promotes smarter fertilizer utilization over corn acres leading to greater yields on poor soils and ~$25 per acre N input savings on rich soils. On more variable soils, FertiSaver-N can improve yields by better redistribution of the fertilizer. 

SCNCount (2017)

SCNCount makes it feasible to test every acre for soybean cyst nematode (SCN) infestation. The grower can judiciously use SCN treatments in areas of high SCN counts and grow higher yielding varieties in uninfected areas for ~10% higher yields. 

SoilDx Dashboard (2016)

The SoilDx Dashboard  is Web-based software that works together with the FertiSaver-N and SCNCount hardware. Independent agronomists, soil testing laboratories and grower cooperatives interested in providing these tests and associated recommendations can operate the hardware and software simply using a web browser. Running our tests is as easy as sending a tweet!

The simple, turnkey software system will allow test providers to operate the assay hardware, generate recommendations for their grower clients, provide realtime integration with existing sample tracking systems, monitor inventories and refill supplies of assay consumables, as well as manage their workforce performing the tests. 

Soil Diagnostics Inc. will ensure standardization and quality control by integrating regular calibration procedures for the hardware and the process via standard samples and independently validated blind samples, all accessed through the SoilDx Dashboard. 

Details on our products are coming soon!