The nitrogen-supplying power of a soil is made up of two independent and measurable characteristics: 

  1. the fraction of soil nitrogen that can be made available to the plant over the growing season, and 
  2. conditions necessary for this mineralization to coincide with the nitrogen requirements of a plant. 

The FertiSaver-N process is similarly made up of two components - the laboratory assay that measures the available nitrogen, and the recommendation engine that takes soil type, weather, seed spacing and management history into account to generate a recommendation on the amount, type and timing of fertilizer application. Fertile soils typically require less fertilizer, whereas less fertile soils benefit from added fertilizer. By contrast, conventional fertilizer application uses a yield-based formula to estimate nitrogen levels. 

The FertiSaver-N test system allows a soil testing laboratory to process up to 1000 samples per day per technician. This increased throughput results in greater spatial and temporal resolution in soil fertility estimation and can allow the laboratory to reach a greater number of growers. 

Available now:

The FertiSaver-N product is under rapid development thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation. Prototypes (shown above) are showing great performance.

As of November 22 2016, we are officially in production, with a lead time of 8 weeks to availability. Participation in the FertiSaver-N beta program is now available. If you are a grower or agronomist interested in this product, contact us. We currently have 6 soil labs / agronomists who will be collaborating on further product development. For a few select customers, FertiSaver-N recommendations will be available for the Spring 2017 corn season!